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Professor Martin Hendry

Hi Folks,

Our meeting on the 27th February with guest speaker Professor Martin Hendry. He wowed us with his lecture on how Gravitational Waves were produced as the result of an immensely powerful explosion somewhere far outside our galaxy. An explosion produced by two black holes colliding with one another which proved Einstein was right with his theory.

Work is ongoing in preparation for the next step in detector development, with both the next generation of underground, super-cooled detectors, and space-based detectors.

Some photos in the gallery on the left.

A visit to the Glasgow Science Centre, our 3rd David Elder Lecture, on Thursday 6th October.


Presented by Stuart Clark.

Another interesting and very informative presentation.

Stuart Clark is a widely read astronomy journalist, his career is devoted to the general public.

He writes in the Guardian's astronomy blog. Across The Universe.

He has a first class honours degree and PhD in astrophysics.

He has published a number of books his latest being, The Search For Earth's Twin.

Which is the subject of his presentation, in it he explained that there are more than 3000 planets known to exist around other stars, yet none resemble our Earth.

After more than two decades of discoveries, we have found planets bathed in molten lava, ones blacker than coal, others that are continually being bombarded with hurricane-force winds.

Some planets have not one but two suns, wouldn't that be amazing to see, two sunrises and two sunsets.

The Search for Earth's Twin took us on a journey through exotic realms, in search for a planet like our home planet Earth, that can sustain life.

The quest still goes on, and maybe some day soon, or in the not to distant future we will find Earth's Twin.

The evening didn't end there, both Marion and myself bought Stuart Clark's book, a signed copy, and wait for it, photographs of the man himself, and a few others taken inside the Science Centre, just to add to our collection.

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Hi Folks,

What an amazing Christmas Party we had today. 

We started off the party by presenting bouquets of flowers to our great librarians, Caroline and Christine to thank them very much for all the help they give to Marion & Margaret. Caroline and Christine are such a help to Inverclyde Sky Watchers and nothing is a problem to them. 

Thanks to all who donated items for the raffle and the buffet. We had a table full of fantastic raffle prizes, another laden with all sorts of food, drink and lots of goodies. There was lots of fun, laughter, cracker snapping, jokes being told and wonderful entertainment from our young artists Zara, Ruairidh and Fiona McNeill from Reely Jiggered, finishing off with a lovely sing-a-long.

Margaret and Marion would like to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

There are two Galleries to look through on the left. Enjoy

Kindest Regards,


Easter Party

Some photos in the gallery on the left.

Summer 17 Party

It’s Party time again.

Some photos in the gallery on the left from the Summer Party.

With a presentation to Gordon and the Librarians

Professor Kenneth Strain

With some of the members and during his lecture