Lewis Campbell from Project Helios joined Marion McNeill and Margaret Lees  of the Inverclyde Sky Watchers Astronomy Group to tell listeners about the group and the upcoming talk from Lewis. Lewis is a former 6th Year student of St. Andrew's Academy, and a STEM Ambassador.

You can go to the Project Helios Facebook page by clicking on the logo.

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I am Lewis Campbell, and I am the founder of Scotland's first Student-Led Space Program, Project Helios. I am actively looking to put STEM Subjects at the forefront of young people's mindsets, and in particular in the field of Space Studies, the cutting edge of humankind's knowledge.


I do this by running Project Helios, where students aged 12-17 run their very own mini space program, designing a capsule and experiment and mission patches and at the end of the day ACTUALLY launching their efforts into Near Space via a high-altitude balloon. How cool is that?


This Space Program and others I run throughout Scotland enable young people to realise that the most pioneering front of human advancement, Space, is available right at their fingertips.


I was initially inspired to pursue a career in the Space Industry after attending a talk from a REAL LIFE NASA Astronaut Trainer, and I was absolutely blown away. Since then, I have met 5 Astronauts, Ken Ham, Mike Baker, Doug Wheelock, Chris Hadfield, and Steve Bowen. They each have their own story however they are keen to hammer home the three essential rules of being an astronaut. Live Big, Dream Big, and Act Big!


Due to the success of Project Helios, I now give talks on STEM Subjects, my experiences and the incredible nature of space to clubs, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools alike. If you are interested, you can contact me through the Project Helios Facebook page.


Inverclyde Skywatchers is an absolutely fantastic club, promoting Astronomy for all ages and skill levels. Its keen set of members are a great group to interact with, proof that Space is for everyone and rightly so, as it is a fantastic adventure to explore space through a telescope as equally as any other activity.

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September 2015

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Professor Kenneth Strain – Noises from the Universe

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Professor Martin Hendry

Hi Folks,

Our meeting on the 27th February with guest speaker Professor Martin Hendry. He wowed us with his lecture on how Gravitational Waves were produced as the result of an immensely powerful explosion somewhere far outside our galaxy. An explosion produced by two black holes colliding with one another which proved Einstein was right with his theory.

Work is ongoing in preparation for the next step in detector development, with both the next generation of underground, super-cooled detectors, and space-based detectors.

Some photos in the gallery on the left.